Women Leaving the Left

On Friday, June 10 2022 a panel discussion took place among women who have found themselves ejected from or alienated by the left at the Austin Public Library.

Many feminists today find themselves politically homeless, on account of the left's support for ideology and legislation that runs counter to material reality, civil liberties, free speech, and women's sex-based rights. At the same time, many women don't feel aligned with right wing values either. Beyond that feminists who support free speech, bodily autonomy, and civil liberties have been alienated by a feminist movement invested in political purity and allied with political parties that do not represent them.

Women Leaving the Left addresses the supposedly unspeakable: the things we are not supposed to say, the conversations no one is having, and the issues social media and mainstream media will not allow.


Autonomous Fertility Workshop (In Person)

with Mary Lou Singleton & Isabella Malbin
Come together with the radical women of Austin to reclaim your reproductive power and learn more about your options for at-home abortion.

Saturday, June 11 @ 10am-4pm