The Medical & Legal Ethics of IVF, Surrogacy, & Other Commonly Used Assisted Reproductive Technology

The woman-centered master class series you won't find elsewhere, with Jennifer Lahl, MA, BSN, RN

What you'll get:

 4.5 hours of content you won't find in any institution, college or women's healthcare training 
✓ Questions and Answers with Fertility Industry Expert, Jennifer Lahl at the end of each class
✓ (Potentially) Tens of thousands of dollars in savings on fertility drugs, "treatments", and surrogacy agencies. You read that right. This class has influenced many women to protect their bodies and minds from being exploited and exploiting others via the #BigFertility industry 
✓ Lifetime Access

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What People Are Saying:

As a postpartum doula who spends most of my time one on one with new mothers, this master class peaked my interest. Caring for postpartum women has shown me first hand the affects that IVF and surrogacy has on mothers and children. Thanks to Isabella, I have become somewhat familiar with Jennifer Lahl’s work, and now this masterclass has offered me an easy “go to” wealth of information as it addresses everything from egg freezing, sperm donation, IUI, IVF and surrogacy - to how this industry is now jumping on the trans train and targeting children. I am immensely grateful for this class, and highly recommend it. Thanks for opening my eyes!

I am really glad I took the ethics of IVF class. Was super interesting and important, and comforting to see an intelligent woman like Jennifer advocating for women in the fertility industry. I’ve been telling lots of friends about it too! I think we should all be exposed to these issues. It’s literally self care to educate ourselves on this! Now seriously considering of taking your anti-porn master class. Anyway, thank you 💜

Jennifer Lahl is one of the first people to open my eyes and begin to understand and question the ethics surrounding medical advancements. New medical technology has far outpaced a true understanding and consensus of the ethical implications of our modern capabilities, and I truly appreciate her work in this arena. Her body of work is especially important to inform the new wave of prospective assisted reproduction clients, trans identifying children who are being medicalized and subsequently sterilized.

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Add on: The Great Reset of Motherhood: Gender Identity, Transhumanist Tech & The Theft of Birth for only $111

(normally $199) 

A Master Class with LGBT Non-Profit Whistleblower K. Yang (The DeprogrammerXX)
Connect past to present to understand how historical erasure, exclusion, and exploitation of women and female reproductive control has structured the entire development of industrialized civilization and is the driving factor behind the push for "trans rights" and transhumanist technology.

What you'll get:

    ✓ 4 Part Lecture with K. Yang 

    ✓ 241 Full Color Slides

    ✓ Questions and Answers 

    ✓ 5+ Hours of Content

    ✓ Lifetime Access 

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