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Social Media, Website & Branding Consulting For Wrong-Thinking Activists & Entrepreneurs

Up-level your social media presence, learn how to maximize lesser known features & streamline content creation.

Social Media Audit: What's included?

✔️ Audit of your social media pages. I do this before we meet, so that we maximize our time on the live call.
✔️ 90 minute Zoom meeting (please arrive on a computer so you can utilize screen sharing.)
✔️ 2 sample posts using your content, designed for each of your social media outlets. 
✔️ Review of my top recommendations for video, photo and text editing apps for iPhone and desktop.
✔️ Recording of our live session for you to play back to implement the tools & strategies. 
I'm ready to up-level ➝

Looking for someone to build your new website?

Share a bit about your needs and I'll get back to you to chat more. Please note: I'm currently only building sites using Kajabi simply because I believe the web builder gold standard.

Why I offer this to 'wrong thinkers'

After waking up to the trans agenda and the horrors of the medical industrial complex, I thought it was time to revamp my website and branding. It was 2018 - I hired a reputable female web designer, who after our first session told me she couldn't move forward due to you guessed it, my values and beliefs. I was horrified. What was a wrong-thinker to do? It was after that experience and a few more failed hirings that I conceded to becoming digitally self-reliant. A few hundred YouTube tutorials and 927327 hours of customer support chats later, I consider myself social media proficient.
I now share my skills with other wrong-thinkers so they too can become self-sufficient, without the hours of online research and trouble-shooting.