Hi, I'm Isabella Malbin 

I'm a life coach for sovereign women, hypnotist, podcaster and former birth worker. Through one-on-one coaching, I arm women with the tools to stop getting triggered by every-freaking-thing, cultivate resilience, increase self-confidence and reclaim their reproductive sovereignty.

On the Whose Body Is It Podcast, I interview radical women from around the world raising consciousness on the harms of transgender ideology, porn, prostitution and the many tentacles of the medical industrial complex. 

100+ Births Attended

500+ Coaching & Hypnosis Clients Served 

3K hrs as Postpartum Doula & Lactation Counselor

My Story

My story began in 2016 after witnessing hyper-normalized abuse of pregnant and birthing women as a hospital birth doula. Early in my doula career I was introduced to Fertility Awareness Method and began coaching women coming off hormonal birth control, seeking a safe and effective method to both avoid and achieve pregnancy. I couldn't believe no one, not my mother, not my gynecologist, had ever told me there was a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy. Determined to share this knowledge with the world, I enrolled in a Fertility Awareness teacher training program.  That didn't exactly go as planned; two months into that training I got kicked out for refusing to use terms such as "menstruating human" and "person who bleeds" in place of women.  That experience catapulted me into launching my YouTube channel & Podcast where I interview radical women from around the world, exposing the harms of transgenderism, pornography and female erasure. 

My introduction to the hormonal birth control industry and medicalized birth practices informed my radical feminist analysis, which is the foundation for my work with women. 

No normalizing men in women's spaces. 

No empowerment rhetoric around hormonal birth control. 

No normalizing birth-rape culture.

No "sex work is work."

As I stepped more into my role as a birth worker and fertility educator, I was simultaneously healing my binge eating disorder and limiting beliefs about my life, career and relationships. Hypnosis was my ally in this time to finally quit binge eating. In 2018 I used hypnosis to undergo an unmedicated colonoscopy during which I experienced little discomfort. It was around this time that I started offering hypnosis to women and men with a variety of challenges. 

Now I spend my days witnessing transformation in women and men all around the world.

I look forward to connecting with you on your unique journey.

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