That's me, Isabella. ➝


I'm a passionate birth worker, life coach, hypnotist and podcaster. Through one-on-one coaching I witness women quit unwanted behaviors, release patriarchal programming, say what they mean and birth in sovereignty.

On the Whose Body Is It Podcast I interview radical women from around the world raising consciousness on the harms of transgender ideology, porn & prostitution and so much more! 


My story began in 2016, witnessing hyper normalized abuse against pregnant and birthing women as a hospital birth doula. I now offer a no-sugar-coating approach for women preparing for birth & motherhood. During our sessions I listen with compassion and define what is normal v. what has been normalized so you can access the tools & awareness to plan your blissful sovereign birth and heal from prior births and loss.

Early in my doula career I was introduced to Fertility Awareness Method and began coaching women coming off hormonal birth control, seeking a safe and effective method to both avoid and achieve pregnancy. I couldn't believe no one, not my mother, not my GYN had ever told be there was a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy. Determined to share this knowledge with the world, I enrolled in a Fertility Awareness teacher program. That didn't exactly go as planned; two months into that training I got kicked out for refusing to use terms such as "menstruating human" & "person who bleeds" in place of women. That experience catapulted me into launching my YouTube channel & Podcast where I interview radical women from around the world, exposing the harms of transgenderism, pornography and female erasure.

I first became involved with hypnosis through my personal healing journey. It was during this time I was able to find my voice, release limiting beliefs and step into my power.

After a couple years of guiding women through pregnancy and birth using hypnosis techniques, I began offering hypnosis to women and men facing challenges such as ceasing smoking, anxiety, body image, overcoming fears and phobias, healing after a breakup and other unique circumstances.

In 2018 I used self-hypnosis to undergo an unmedicated colonoscopy during which I experienced little discomfort. I share these remarkable fear releasing and pain relieving techniques for those planning unmedicated medical procedures and for those living with chronic pain.

I look forward to witnessing your unique journey.


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