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Welcome! I'm Isabella Malbin, Host of the Whose Body Is It Podcast, Life-Coach, Hypnotist and Former Liberal Feminist Turned Radical Truth Teller


My mission is to help women untangle patriarchal lies, end cycles of self-sabotage, say what we mean and reclaim our reproductive sovereignty.

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Work with Isabella

Hypnosis for Healing & Change

Release decade old habits holding you back from stepping into your fullest self. 


Heal Your Binge Eating

Intercept the viscious cycle with the guidance of another radical woman whose been in the thick of it. 


Clarity Sessions 

Finally talk to someone who gets it. 


Transformation Coaching

Uncover unconscious beliefs, deprogram and finally step in the fullest version of yourself.



Whose Body Is It Podcast


Listen to interviews with radical women raising consciousness on the harms of transgender ideology, porn, prostitution and all the things we've been told are good for us as women.

Knowledge is Power.

Education is the first step in reclaiming your sovereignty.

Coaching & Hypnosis

Learn the Tools for Personal Freedom

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Master Class Library

Live & Recorded Masterclasses Unpacking Patriarchal Lies
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