Safeguarding in the Age of Gender Disinformation, Dissociation, & External Validation Seeking

Recover Your Instincts & Cultivate Resilience with Amy Sousa, MA Depth Psychology

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Connect past to present to understand how historical erasure, exclusion, and exploitation of women and female reproductive control has structured the entire development of industrialized civilization as we know it and is the driving factor behind the push for "trans rights" and transhumanist technology.

Perhaps you're aware of the harms the gender identity industry is causing women and girls, and the predatory strategies at play.

The disembodiment crisis has gone beyond common issues women and girls have faced in decades past; anorexia, cutting, illegal drugs and alcohol.

We're now confronted with institutionally sanctioned self-hate and the denial of biological reality.

In addition, women and girls are being programmed to regard their instinctual disgust towards men who masquerade as women, as paranoia and bigotry.

While awareness is slowly being raised, many are still embedded in the medical industrial complex, DSM diagnoses, prescription medications and outdated therapeutic models.

Culturally, we're beginning to see the consequences of what isn't working, so, where do we go from here?

What can we do to fortify ourselves and our daughters in a socio-political climate that enforces the ludicrous idea that sex is spectrum and our bodies are simply Mr./Ms. Potato Head parts that can be mixed, matched, and discarded?!

How do we teach our girls to occupy their bodies instead of abandoning them?

What are the practical, actionable things we can do in our day-to-day lives?

With her robust background in depth psychology, and nearly a decade of activism advocating for the safety and wellbeing of women and girls, in this class, Amy Sousa provides the foundation to recover your instincts and build resilience in the age of gender disinformation and disembodiment.

Who is this class for?


‚úď Embodied mothers¬†and their daughters 12 years+
‚úď Women looking for an in-depth understanding of exactly how our instincts are being exploited in the age of gender identity disinformation and what we can do about it!
‚úď Those curious about embodiment tools and building a strong internal authority system.¬†
‚úď Women's healthcare providers¬†looking to hone their understanding of how gender identity ideology is the ultimate¬†disembodiment and¬†disempowerment.

Class Syllabus 

Module 1


Meat Suit Concept

Born in the wrong body v. Born as the right body

Embodiment v. Dissociation 

Compartmentalization & Dissociation 

Module 2


Sensory Safeguarding and the lesser know senses

Selling Pain 

Feeling v. Mental Ideation 

Sensation v Mental Ideation 

Build a Bear Surgeries

Instincts & Intuition

Module 3


Safeguarding as Prevention, Identification, Intervention & Support

Predicting Violence 

Language of Rejection

Language of Entitlement 

Language of Attachment 

Thought Terminating Techniques 

Misgendering Crimes

Module 4


Revulsion & Disgust Instinct 

Unpacking ‚ÄúProtect Trans Kids‚ÄĚ Slogan¬†

The Empathy Trap

Being v. Seeming 

Social Contagion


Role of Film, TV and Advertising


Module 5


The DSM and Gender Dysphoria 

Critiques of the DSM and Psychiatry 

The Problem with the Surgical Cure

Module 6


The Empty House Metaphor 

Confidence and Competence 

Imagination & Play as Internal Authority Building Practices

Internal v. External Technologies

Boundaries: Me v. Not Me


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After taking this class you'll:

‚ě䬆¬†Understand the evolutionary role that instincts and intuition play in safeguarding

  • Learn how corporations and institutions hijack human instincts for purposes of profit and control
  • Understand the key manipulation tactics used in media advertising and state propaganda¬†
  • Understand individually targeted as well as institutional grooming
  • Learn how to stay grounded in your adaptive instincts despite the onslaught of social, news, and entertainment media attempting to influence you

‚ě謆¬†Gain an understanding about key developmental phases and how they contribute to internal authority and will-building

  • Language acquisition and authority building in early childhood
  • Common puberty responses and the role they play in helping young ones move from childhood to adulthood
  • Puberty stepping stones and stumbling blocks with a special focus on these phases for girls
  • Using confidence and competency to bolster internal authority and shield against undue influence
  • Understand how abuse/trauma arrests development

‚ěƬ†¬†Understand how transgender ideology specifically targets and impacts girls

  • Girls and social media
  • Girls and tech¬†

‚ě欆¬†How the mental health industry pathologizes natural emotional responses

  • Girls and the Mental Health Industry
  • Girls and self-harm, historical examples to present day

‚ě鬆¬†Develop resiliency building tools aka the tools of embodiment

  • Discern between male vs female technology OR external vs internal technology
  • Understand how boundaries function and develop tactics for improved boundary-setting
  • Understand the role of intuition especially as it pertains to boundaries and safeguarding
  • Tools and techniques for developing the intuition

‚쏬† Leave the class¬†with actionable¬†steps:

  • Gain access to Amy's top books list and recommended organizations & individuals safeguarding women and girls¬†
  • Learn practical tips for bolstering your instincts and intuition¬†

Meet the Expert & Host

Amy E. Sousa, MA Depth Psychology 

The Expert


Amy E. Sousa holds a MA in Depth Psychology. She is a women's rights activist, writer, lecturer, and educator, with an expertise in embodiment. She holds one-on-one coaching, teaches classes, and facilitates workshops to help women strengthen their intuition. She also posts educational videos about embodiment & boundaries on her YouTube. Sousa has organized multiple rallies, protests, and free speech events on behalf of women/girls sex-based safeguarding provisions and against the unnecessary medicalization of children: most memorably, in DC against Biden's EO on "gender identity", in NYC in front of the UN, in Atlanta at the NCAA championships with Lia Thomas, in Port Townsend for #LetJulieSwim, and in DC against the ACLU, and in Tennessee with Riley Gaines. She has testified in State legislatures, city councils, and school board meetings around the country on behalf of the safeguarding needs of women & children. For more about Amy follow her on Twitter, Instagram, & TikTok on substack, YouTube and her website. 
Amy's 2021 interview: The Devastating Psychological Effects of Gender Ideology in Child Development & Societyis one of the top downloaded episodes on the Whose Body Is It podcast across podcast platforms.

Isabella Malbin

Host & Moderator


Isabella is a life coach for sovereign women, a trained hypnotist and podcaster. Through one-on-one coaching, Isabella teaches women the tools to stop getting triggered by every-freaking thing, cultivate resilience, increase self-confidence and birth in sovereignty. 
On the Whose Body Is It Podcast, she interviews radical women from around the world raising consciousness on the harms of transgender ideology, porn and prostitution and exposing all the things we've been told are good for us as women.

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