You are a Sovereign Woman. Claim it.

Through one-on-one coaching, you will learn tools to step into your sovereignty, rise above everyday triggers and harmful thought patterns and emerge a more confident, empowered version of yourself.

It’s time to stop biting your tongue and start living your truth. Imagine how much more powerful, clear, and magnetic you would be. Alignment in your career and relationships would be natural and abundant– because you’d be living in your authenticity.

Imagine attracting more money and opportunities that light you up– your ideal clients, like-minded friend, and a conscious partner– all this because you’re confident in your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

I will help you identify and navigate tough concepts and conversations like:

  • Female erasure
  • Breaking up with your OBGYN/medical midwife
  • Speaking to your partner about how you feel about his porn use
  • Telling your in-laws NOOO!! you aren't getting the jab

Imagine feeling cool, calm & collected when speaking about the issues that matter most to you:

  • Initiate tough conversations
  • Stop getting triggered by every-freakin-thing
  • Find like-minded women & men in your community
  • Release unwanted thoughts about yourself and the world

Learning  tools for conscious leadership, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis techniques allowed me to build a public platform, to speak courageously and own who I am. 

I've experienced losing (nearly) all of my friends -I'm talking 25 year long friendships– getting kicked out of women's health spaces for using the word woman, being ambushed on zoom by friends 'deeply concerned about my newly held beliefs', getting trolled by 'they/thems' name it, I've seen it! 

This may sound like a lot of negative drama and stress, but my life has gotten infinitely better because of these of experiences not in spite of them. The strategies I've learned and implemented in my life and business have allowed me to step into my power, work with women from all over the world and build in-person community. 

I've done it, and so can you. It's time for you to get out of your own way.

"I'm still riding the high of our coaching session from earlier this summer. Your words from that day live in my heart and keep me going."

-Mother of a formerly trans-identified girl

Single Session

This 1 hour coaching session for $222 via Zoom is for women in sticky situations who want to strategize solutions, vent and/or be witnessed. These single sessions are the quickest way to reach me directly. This session is for you if:
  • You just found out your cousin thinks he's a woman
  • You're in the midst of a friend break up
  • Your boss wants to talk to you about the absence of pronouns in your email signature
  • Your daughter is asking you to refer to her as they/them
  • You're getting DMs on whether or not transwomen are allowed at your women's circles
  • You listened to one of my podcast episodes and are exploding with questions
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4 Session Package

This package is for the woman who is looking for solutions and clarity in the midst of a confusing or triggering situation. After these 4 sessions, you'll be armed with a handful of tools you can draw from as you practice setting boundaries and using your voice. This package is for you if:
  • You're looking for guidance as you move through a persistent or recurring issue
  • The acute situation you're in requires short-term support from someone who gets it
  • You already have a therapist or coach you love but she doesn't get this specific issue you're working through
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12 Session Package

This package is for the woman ready to step into the fullest version of herself and have a plethora of tools for inner resourcing at her disposal. Our 12 sessions together give you ample time to be able to practice the strategies, integrate the tools and step into your next chapter (business, relationship, move or community) with my consistent guidance and support using a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques and the Tools of Conscious Leadership. This package is for you if:
  • You want to work with a coach who holds a radical feminist analysis, stands for medical freedom and supports bodily autonomy
  • You're ready to say yes to cultivating a new way of relating to yourself and the world
  • You not only want to master self-development tools but you're also ready to alchemize all that you've been through into new creative endeavors 
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Coaching is for you if you're…


✔️ Ready to break unhealthy habits and end cycles of self-sabotage and self-hate
✔️ Struggling to find like-minded women in your community
✔️ Ready to approach conversations about controversial topics with ease and confidence
✔️ Afraid of losing friends for wanting to preserve “female only” spaces
✔️ Frustrated and gaslit by your therapist who asks you to compromise on your beliefs 
✔️ Craving a space where you can be validated and supported by someone who gets it  
✔️ Looking for effective ways to communicate your thoughts and feelings


After our sessions you'll:


✔️ Have practical tools to speak the truth, set boundaries and FREE your mind
✔️ Experience deeper intimacy in your relationships by saying what you really think
✔️ Relish in your love for yourself 
✔️ Be inspired to pursue the work and life path that vitalizes you
✔️ Feel more at ease even in conflict 
✔️ Gracefully communicate even when initiating hard conversations
✔️ Stop getting triggered by every-freakin-thing
✔️ Release self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors


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What women are saying...

"I appreciate you! Thank you for witnessing me while I released some old pain/shame on our last call. The integration I've felt since talking with you last has been freeing."
"I am so so thankful for Isabella and the work she is doing. The sessions have been fundamental in navigating the sometimes isolating nature of waking up to trans ideology, medical freedom and the like. Thank you sister."
-Jess B.
"You are the reason why I was finally able to tell my best friend of 17 years how I truly feel. Your open, truthful, and reality based conversations are what gave me the confidence to have these important conversations. I feel lighter and free. I know that I am one of the lucky ones as I felt heard by my best friend who actually agreed with everything I said. I know that this conversation has already changed our relationship for the better. Since our conversation we've been having an ongoing open conversation about female erasure and harm that trans ideology causes."
"Since our sessions I've freed up so much of my time. I had no idea how many hours of the week I was spending worrying about things that are out of my control. I feel like I can finally put energy towards my new businesses. Thank you again!"
-Rebecca C.