A C T I V I S T 

S T I C K E R S 

Are you even an activist if you haven't stickered?!


Do you know there is more to activism than social media posts and going at it with your friends in DMs and Facebook comments? 


How many logos are you being inundated with everyday?


How much subconscious programming are you witnessing and participating in against your will?


With activist stickers you have the opportunity to break the spell, and intercept the negative programming!


Stickering and signage is a vital part of feminist history. 


Your foremothers did this!

What if the sticker you put up, is the one that peaks your whole community?! 

Do you spend hours arguing with people online about female erasure and “trans” kids?


Are you sick of reading, watching and debating?


Are you ready to take action, and fucking do something!!!??


Do you want to make a difference and stand up for your beliefs? 


Plant the seed


Mark your territory


& Peak your community!