The Great Reset of Motherhood:

 Gender Identity, Transhumanist Tech & the Theft of Birth 

with LGBT Non-Profit Whistleblower K. Yang (TheDeprogrammerXX)

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Connect past to present to understand how historical erasure, exclusion, and exploitation of women and female reproductive control has structured the entire development of industrialized civilization as we know it and is the driving factor behind the push for "trans rights" and transhumanist technology.

Men pretending to be pregnant isn’t anything new. 

While you may already have heard that transgenderism and transhumanism are connected, have you ever wondered what this means for our bodily sovereignty?

How will technological advances affect our daily lives as women?

And why are women in the crosshairs of this?

Before we work together to come up with solutions, we need to understand the depths of what we're dealing with.

Most of the news headlines you see in the media are distractions. So, what exactly are they distracting us from?

In this self-paced, 5+ hour master class, you'll learn how the "great reset" and the "4th industrial revolution" are historically situated as the latest global forms of erasure, exclusion, and exploitation of women.

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What may seem new and overwhelming is actually a familiar fight that women have understood since time immemorial.

You'll gain a clear picture of how the theft of female reproductive control has structured the entire development of industrialized civilization currently pushing for "trans rights" and transhumanist technology.


This class will provide you with:

✔️ Tools to combat the lexicon of language manipulation.
✔️ Timelines of female power and alternative histories of mainstream colonial constructs.
✔️ An expose on the written word as a historical tool to strip women of reproductive sovereignty.
✔️ An unshakable understanding of the harms done by gender ideology and transhumanist technologies.
✔️ Clear definitions of the distinct industrial revolutions and the relentless resistance of women along the way.
✔️ A map of global powers currently pushing the great reset and the industrial takeover of womanhood around the world.

✔️A canon of texts by silenced authors creating the bedrock of an analysis that can propel us to saving our future by reclaiming our past.

Plus, you'll gain lifetime access to the master class course materials so you can continue to share this information and affect change in your relationships and communities.

Join us as we build common understanding that can guide us through the depths of our dystopian present and forge the frontline to reclaim our true sovereign power.

"K. Yang’s ability to anticipate our questions, concerns, fears and speak truth and power into us is what every woman needs in order to step up and protect ourselves and our future generations! I will listen again and again, ingraining the facts of this matter as K. Yang recommended."


"The Deprogrammer's work, is stellar!"


"The Deprogrammer blew my mind! LBGTQ non profit organizations.... the findings on how it all works, the people who are funding it! How the trans community is being exploited for money and how our kids are being used as guinea pigs! Wow!"

What to Expect

Grounding in the historical reality of female erasure as an ongoing process and structure that has shaped the entire development of industrial civilization.

Part One

  • Women Written Out of History
  • The Power of Naming: The Word vs. the Woman
  • Under the Veil, Behind the Wall, Locked in the Tower: The Male Practice of Female Seclusion & Exclusion
  • Empire, Women and Birth
  • The Theft of Birth & Population Control

Part Two

  • The Industrial Revolutions: A History of Female Erasure
  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the World-Wide Gender Identity Agenda
  • Manufacturing "Trans Kids": The Trans Industrial Complex
  • King Charles and The Great Reset
  • The World Economic Forum & The Opening of Pandora's Box 

Part Three

  • Pregnancy & Birth: Faking it from Antiquity to Lil Nas X 
  • The Making of a New American Family
  • Trans Gender/Humanist Male Mothers
  • Robotic Servitude: Sex Dolls & Feminized Non-Women
  • The Transgender to Transhuman Connection

Part Four

  • Bio Hybrids & Synthetic Humans
  • 100 Years of “Exogenesis”
  • 2030: Artificial Wombs & The Future of Pregnancy
  • Commodification of The Female & Genetic Engineering
  • Re-enter the Matrix, A Return to Matrix-focal Values and The Destruction of the Simulacrum
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What Women Are Saying


$199 USD

✓ 4 Part Presentation by K. Yang

 241 Full Color Slides

✓ Questions & Answers

✓ 5 + hours of exclusive content

✓ Lifetime access to the recording

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About K. Yang 

The Expert


K. Yang is the creator of and the writer, film maker, artist, and activist behind The Deprogrammer". 

Yang exposes the intersections of corporate-government-non-profit collusion driving the “transgender rights movement”; a smoke screen for a massive social engineering and propaganda war being used to facilitate female erasure in language and in law on a world-wide scale. 

Her work connects the dots between normalized practices of child sexualization, and proliferation of bio pharmaceutical transhumanist technologies and frames these agendas as foundational to the colonization of the female body and female reproductive control.

K. Yang’s perspective is uniquely informed by her past work uncovering the money behind co-optation of direct action based environmental resistance movements and indigenous land struggles as well as by her experiences indoctrinating youth with “gender identity” ideology in New York public schools while working at an LGBT non-profit funded by the New York State Department of Health.

About Isabella Malbin

Host & Moderator


Isabella is a life coach for sovereign women, a trained hypnotist, passionate birth worker and podcaster. Through one-on-one coachingIsabella teaches women the tools to stop getting triggered by every-freaking thing, cultivate resilience, increase self-confidence and birth in sovereignty. 

On the Whose Body Is It Podcast, she interviews radical women from around the world raising consciousness on the harms of transgender ideology, porn and prostitution and exposing all the things we've been told are good for us as women.

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