Inoculating Our Children Against Transgender Ideology

with Mary Lou Singleton & Isabella Malbin

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Everyone’s child will encounter transgender ideology. It’s not a matter of if but when. 


Maybe a child in your life has declared themselves as 'non-binary'.


Maybe this child's social media profile reads something like 'demi sexual' or 'a-gender'.


Perhaps you see what's going on in schools and in the media and want to be able to talk to the children in your life about it preventatively but don’t know where to start. 


You don’t want to make things worse by drawing attention to something that might be a phase but you've seen how quickly the gender madness can get out of control, especially in blue states.


You fear the children in your life will go even deeper into the trans abyss if you refuse to call them by their new name or use wrong-sex pronouns. 


School counselors & therapists have told you affirming a child’s trans identity is the best solution, that 'social transition' isn’t harmful, that you should just go with it and see what happens.


The articles you find online all say affirmation is the only way to prevent a child from committing suicide. 


You want the children in your life to feel comfortable and happy in their bodies but at the same time, you know a lifetime of drugs and surgeries can’t be the only path forward. 


Or perhaps you don't have children in your life but have noticed that all kids seem to be learning in school these days is what the letters in LGBTQI+++ stand for. You want to do something about it because you care about the future of humanity.


You know the stakes are high.


We’re not just talking about this ending with new pronouns and a new name. We’re talking permanent dismembering of a child's intact and perfect body. We’re talking organ damage and a lifetime of negative side effects from wrong-sex hormones.  And that's just the beginning.

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The truth is...


Most licensed professionals are bound to their codes of conduct which limit them to promoting one path: the pro-transgender affirmative model. Even if they do have a dissenting opinion, they risk losing their professional titles, licensing and reputation if they were to speak out by questioning your kid’s “trans” identity.


Mary Lou and I are here to remind you that you’re not crazy.


We CAN resist this by taking a firm stance against the pharmaceutical drug industry, preying upon our children.


If you’re a parent and sick of being told you’re not the authority on your child, that you’re transphobic for questioning your child’s desires and demands, you’ve come to the right place.


In this master class you'll gain clarity on the harms of "gender medicine," have your concerns validated and gain the confidence to protect our children with compassion, discernment & consciousness.

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What to Expect


✓ Presentation by Mary Lou Singleton
✓ Uncensored discussion with Mary Lou & Isabella (the content YouTube, Instagram & even podcast platforms forbid)
✓ Role play of 3 common scenarios parents face today
✓ Q&A *questions were submitted during the live master class anonymously
✓ A comprehensive resource list for further education and inquiry 

Is This You?


✔️ You want to get informed and protect your kids.


✔️ You care deeply about safeguarding the minds and bodies of our children against a predatory ideology and medical industry.
✔️ You're sick of hearing the party lines that a child can be "born in the wrong body" or "assigned" the wrong sex as birth.
✔️ You've been told “affirmation” is the best treatment for a distressed, suicidal child.
✔️ You've been told social transition isn’t a big deal.
✔️ You've heard from your doctor friends that puberty blockers are reversible.
✔️ You're sick of being told you should educate yourself more on inclusivity, queerness and drag queen story hour. 

Meet the Experts

About Mary Lou Singleton


Mary Lou is a mother, midwife, nurse practitioner and medical freedom activist. She has extensive experience treating formerly trans-identified youth and working with families resisting gender ideology in schools. Additionally, Mary Lou has served on the boards of directors of the Midwives Alliance of North America, the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives, the Stop Patriarchy Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, and the Women’s Liberation Front. She has been speaking out against female erasure in midwifery since 2014 and is the author of an open letter to the Midwives Alliance of North America protesting the removal of the words “woman” and “mother” from the organization’s core competencies for midwives documents.

About Isabella Malbin  


Isabella is a life coach for sovereign women, a trained hypnotist, passionate birth worker and podcaster. Through one-on-one coachingIsabella teaches women the tools to stop getting triggered by every-freaking thing, cultivate resilience, increase self-confidence and birth in sovereignty. On the Whose Body Is It Podcast, she interviews radical women from around the world raising consciousness on the harms of transgender ideology, porn and prostitution and exposing all the things we've been told are good for us as women.

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