The Medical and Legal Ethics of IVF, Surrogacy, and Other Commonly Used Assisted Reproductive Technology

with Jennifer Lahl, MA, BSN, RN

The woman-centered master class you won't find elsewhere.

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Connect past to present to understand how historical erasure, exclusion, and exploitation of women and female reproductive control has structured the entire development of industrialized civilization as we know it and is the driving factor behind the push for "trans rights" and transhumanist technology.

Most people hear about a couple or a friend who have had a baby through assisted reproductive technology, and who may have also used a third-party conception method, such as egg/sperm donation and/or surrogacy. 

But many have never heard about the risks, the complications, and the legal problems that may arise. 

This master class series with industry expert Jennifer Lahl, will help you navigate the conversations around the hot topic of new modern family formation and what is at stake for women and children.

Young girls and women of childbearing age, need to know they are going to get bombarded with ads to sell their eggs and become surrogate mothers. 

This master class series is for you if you:


✓ Work with women in the childbearing years as a Fertility Awareness Educator, Doula, Midwife, Nurse, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Naturopathic doctor, or Acupuncturist specializing in fertility.

✓ Work with children as a therapist, social worker, or work with families and couples.

✓ Are single by choice or in a same-sex relationship and want to start a family. 

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By the time you finish this series you’ll:

➊ Have (new) information about the risks and harms to women who sell their eggs or act as surrogates.

➋ Understand why regulations won’t protect women and children.

➌ Learn about the global context of international laws and reproductive tourism.

➍ Be better informed about the debate around the world.

➎ Learn the difference between *traditional* surrogacy and *gestational* surrogacy and why the practice shifted from the former to the later method.

➏ Walk away with answers to your lingering questions from Big Fertility expert, Jennifer Lahl. 


$299 USD

 4.5 hours of content you won't find in any institution, college or women's healthcare training 
✓ Questions and Answers with Fertility Industry Expert, Jennifer Lahl at the end of each class
✓ (Potentially) Tens of thousands of dollars in savings on fertility drugs, "treatments", and surrogacy agencies. You read that right. This class has influenced many women to protect their bodies and minds from being exploited and exploiting others via the #BigFertility industry 
✓ Lifetime Access
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Class Syllabus

Class One

An overview of ART/IVF where you'll learn the history of IVF, the development of various technologies and the ethical, medical, and legal issues raised by these novel technologies. We will take a deep dive into egg “donation” in this session.
  • Learn the difference between ART and IVF
  • Understand key legal cases in ART
  • Understand what is involved in informed consent and issues that arise due to financial incentives
  • Discuss some important legal cases that arise from embryo custody battles

Class Two

A deeper dive into who are the end users of assisted reproductive technologies, how Big Fertility markets to different and diverse groups.  The ethics of surrogacy will be a key focus in this session using case studies to provide examples of ethical, medical, and legal issues of the growing global baby trade market.


  • Understand the reason for the lack of studies and data in Big Fertility
  • Review studies that do exist that raise red flags
  • Learn about the legislative challenges in the U.S

Class Three

This class will focus on the future of fertility medicine and the new technologies being developed now against the global uncertain legal landscape. What happens to "brain- dead" women used a surrogates? What happens to a growing baby, born of a woman who has been on and off testosterone?
  • Explain two new technologies coming and what issues they may raise.
  • Learn how the law addresses competing rights of surrogates, egg donors, donor-conceived.
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Meet the Expert & Host

Jennifer Lahl, MA, BSN, RN

The Expert


Jennifer Lahl is founder and president of The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network. Lahl couples her 25 years of experience as a pediatric critical care nurse, a hospital administrator, and a senior-level nursing manager with a deep passion to speak for those who have no voice. Lahl’s writings have appeared in various publications including Cambridge University Press, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Dallas Morning News, and the American Journal of Bioethics. As a field expert, she is routinely interviewed on radio and television including ABC, CBS, PBS, and NPR. She is also called upon to speak alongside lawmakers and members of the scientific community, even being invited to speak to members of the European Parliament in Brussels to address issues of egg trafficking; she has three times addressed the United Nations during the Commission on the Status of Women on egg and womb trafficking.

Isabella Malbin

Host & Moderator


Isabella is a life coach for sovereign women, a trained hypnotist, passionate birth worker and podcaster. Through one-on-one coachingIsabella teaches women the tools to stop getting triggered by every-freaking thing, cultivate resilience, increase self-confidence and birth in sovereignty. 

On the Whose Body Is It Podcast, she interviews radical women from around the world raising consciousness on the harms of transgender ideology, porn and prostitution and exposing all the things we've been told are good for us as women.

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