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Heal Your Binge Eating

Stop the vicious cycle once and for all.

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"I can't believe how much time I was spending binge eating, thinking about binge eating AND trying to resist binge eating. I've stopped and can finally focus on my goals again. Seriously, thank you."

-Melissa, Canada 
Were the past few years filled with constant triggers? 
Did you start binge eating again after years of 'being good' or start for the first time?
Do you use food to cope with stress, isolation and fear of the unknown?
Maybe you've become aware of dysfunctional patterns in your personal relationships.
Perhaps you learned disordered eating from the women in your family.
However you got here, you don't have to live like this. 
When you're stuck in a cycle of binge eating, feeling guilty, shaming yourself and then depriving yourself of food, it's easy to think you'll be trapped on this self-hate hamster wheel for the rest of your life. 
I know I did. 
Binge eating mixed with my gastrointestinal issues -SIBO, IBS, chronic parasites- and a nutrition-less vegetarian diet, was a total shitshow, but I accepted my fate.
90% of my thoughts consisted of planning what I'd eat (or not eat) next.
No "normal" life for me.
I simply adapted to a rollercoaster of:
➣ Living in fear of attending potlucks and picnics
➣ Faking sick to get out of dinner parties and birthdays
➣ Eating junk food while babysitting late into the night 
➣ Writhing in physical discomfort after every time I binge ate
➣ Being at constant war with myself and body
I couldn't see a way out. 
I did everything I thought I was supposed to do to "get better."
✗ Spent thousands of dollars on cognitive behavioral therapy
✗ Read dozens of self-help blogs and articles
✗ Followed the "top 10 ways to heal your relationship with food" 
✗ Accepted compliments from friends on how great I looked 
✗ Got 'trigger' foods out of the house
✗ Went to the gym, yoga, soul cycle, HITT classes, rowing (you name it, I tried it)
After years of trying these popular approaches to no avail, I tried hypnosis and realized my problems couldn't be fixed by willpower alone! That the answers were not in my conscious mind.


The binge eating was actually a symptom of stress, a desire for control, and internalized self-hate from growing up consuming high fashion magazines and idolizing Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. 
Up until I tapped into my unconscious beliefs about myself and the world through a combination of coaching and hypnosis, I was blindly throwing darts.
Sound familiar?  
I'm here to tell you that you don't have to suffer any longer. It's time to get off the hamster wheel. 
Together we will uncover what's really driving your disordered eating and intercept the cycle once and for all. 
As an experienced hypnotist, radical women's coach, and former binge eater, I'm here to tell you healing is within your reach.   

My Approach

You cannot change something you aren't aware of. Once you become aware of your invisible forces -all the subconscious programming that directs you to binge eat night after night- you'll be able to re-wire, re-program and re-anchor new positive decisions & habits. Why? Because your beliefs will change. The stuff under the surface will shift.

Your brain and body will get surges of dopamine and serotonin whenever you eat nourishing foods. You'll stop eating when you're full.

After we identify your invisible decision makers it's going to be effortless.

I draw from my education in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, The Tools of Conscious Leadership, humor, compassion and 7+ years counseling women on their reproductive health, pregnancies, births, and postpartum.


Ask yourself this...

Are you willing to let quitting binge eating be easy?

Are you willing to take this whole thing less seriously?

What will you give up when you finally stop binge eating (aside from excessive amounts of food)?

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Who you'd become without binge eating, 
All the time you'd free up,
The projects you'd start, 
The example you'd set for the young women in your life,
The intimacy you'd be able to foster with your partner.
"NO binge eating! I feel like a serious amount of fog has cleared up from my life—no cravings, no shame-spirals, and I’m sleeping so much better. Cannot thank you enough for the amazing hypnosis session and all of the coaching and emotional work. Feeling grounded and clear."
-Sara, USA


I come from a line of women with an array of eating disorders.

Mom, grandmother, aunts, cousins. Each with our own flavor of disordered eating. What was my flavor? Binge eating without purging. Laxatives. Excess drinking to rear-end expel all the food I'd consumed the days before. Oh...and chronic gastrointestinal issues to top it all off. I'm talking 2 week spells of no pooping. Your read that right. TWO WEEKS. So yeah, I was more of the laxative, shit- your-brains-out type binger than the vomiting type. I remember telling myself I couldn't be that bad if I wasn't making myself throw up. Lucky me!
I remember how hard it was to even say the words, "I binge ate again" vs. "It happened again." I really believed it was something being done to me, that I had little to no control over it. I was constantly at the effect of my eating habits, scared to go to potlucks and restaurants where I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself. I tried everything not to binge- packing my own food to go, always being to the one to bring a healthy potluck dish, but nothing I did helped. I'd end up eating the healthy pre-planned dishes AND load up on all the food I knew caused me stomach pain and emotional distress. 
And so it went on, for 10+ years... I'd hope for the best, binge eat and then feel intense shame. I had all sorts of crazy eating rules. Maybe you can relate? No seeing my boyfriend until at least 48 hours after a binge so that I could attempt to get back to my "normal" appearance. I'd binge eat a whole tray of brownies knowing I'd be too sick to function, just to have an excuse to get out of plans. "Sorry, can't make it!"

I stole food from parties, ate french fries off the street I'd accidentally dropped and drunkenly stole a Twinkie from a bodega.
I was the girl who'd put the food in the trash, pour soap over it but then salvage that one corner of the cake that managed to remain edible. I learned that soap trick from Lindsay Lohan...or was it Mary Kate Olsen? Certainly it was from one of my anorexic icons. I ate food out of the trash, not because I didn't have access to food, but because my binge eating had no limits.

I blacked out most times I'd binged. When I'd get to the point of feeling so sick or just plain exhausted, I'd come back into my body and that's when the shame and regret would take hold. I was a practical binger too. I'd budget how much I could pack in each go-around while considering the duration of starvation time I'd need to compensate and how many scoops of powdered laxative I'd need. I was creative too: I came up with a special Twizzler diet. For two days all I ate were those Cherry Pull ‘N’ Peels. Because I never gained more than 20 pounds people didn't take my binge eating seriously. The evidence didn't translate to rapid weight gain.

“But you're not even fat" people would say.

I remember someone telling me I was "glowing" after a few days of extreme food restriction. That's all the validation I needed to keep my binge/restriction cycle going. Post college I babysat at night, with unlimited access to junk food, string cheese, mac and cheese, oreos, ice cream, pudding you name it, I ate it.
Binge eating in combination with my gastrointestinal issues, SIBO, IBS, chronic parasites, a vegetarian diet I accepted my fate. No normal life for me. This was it. I adapted. Even when I started to seek nutritional guidance and followed a paleo diet I found myself living a double life. Paleo by day, binge eater by night. If I ate mass amounts of food, really fast at night alone, did it even count? 
I got desperate.
I researched cures for binge eating and came across hypnosis. I booked session with a local female hypnotist. My single session with her lasted me 1 year. 1 YEAR of no binge eating. It was a miracle! But after that 1 year mark I started again. I hadn't addressed the cause of the binging. What was I suppressing? What was I desperately trying NOT to feel. Who did I get to become when I binge ate? What I did I get to avoid? What would I possibly do with all my free time as a non-binger? And did I even deserve to feeling great in my body? My experience helped me discover the power of hypnosis as an essential facet to my healing, and also highlighted the need for more comprehensive approach.
Quitting binge eating is distinct from quitting smoking. We can live without cigarettes but food is here to stay. That's why I preach and teach an approach that combines consciousness tools WITH depth hypnosis. 
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