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Coaching & Support for Birth Outside the System

For women committed to mother-centered birth. 


Sovereign Birth Planning 

You're pregnant and know there must be another way, beyond ultrasounds, stranger's hands inside your yoni, and relentless nosy questions about your plans for pregnancy and birth. 

Your mother-in-law, your gynecologist and your high school friends just assume you're going to have a hospital birth, formula feed and spend the first year of postpartum depleted and totally burnt out. When you've mentioned the possibility of a home birth to your partner, he expresses fear, doubt, and assumes home birth must cost thousands of dollars. You've toured your local birthing center in the hopes of finding a "middle ground" approach and interviewed licensed home birth midwives, all with the hopes of making everyone else happy. You need a woman who believes in your power to birth, on your terms. A woman who isn't another voice of fear, telling you you're "high risk" for XYZ or that you should get that 20 week scan or GBS test "just in case."

Experience the sovereign birth of your dreams. 


Birth Processing 

You gave birth recently, or many years ago, and you can't seem to shake the feeling that something wasn't right. Maybe something went wrong but no one can tell you why or what exactly happened. Or perhaps you wonder if you really did need to transfer to the hospital or get that shot of pitocin at home...

You want to be able to name your complicated feelings around your birth while not being told to "be happy you have a healthy baby." You feel shame when you express your disappointment around what you didn't get in your birth and postpartum. You crave a space to process your grief, doubt and rage with someone who gets it, someone who has attend over 100 women in birth in hospitals, birth centers, at home and out side the system. You want to talk to someone who won't lie to you. Someone who believes birth is meant to be transformative, healing and for some women- blissful and orgasmic. 

It’s never too late to unpack your unique birth experience. 
*This offering is also available for partners and birth workers.

Women Supporting Women Outside The System 

You know you want to serve women in birth but dread going into to hospitals and being asked to use phrases such as "birthing person", "belly birth" & "fed is best." You've been told getting certified as a doula is the best way to get started but don't align with the pro-trans, pro-vax stance of the organizations you've researched. Whether you're just getting started or years into serving women in birth, you can make the shift to calling in your ideal clients and serving women in the way you have always dreamed of. Imagine hosting Village Prenatals for the pregnant women in your community, sharing meals with one another, and supporting them in having the birth of their dreams. 

Imagine going from no longer being a miserable hospital birth doula, but instead becoming a wise women with a thriving business serving women with your shared values, outside the system. The time is now.

How to Get Started