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‘My job is to help women give birth, but I was banned from using the word “mother.”’

14 Jan, 2022

"I get messages and emails from women all over the world regularly telling me that they can’t speak out or they were ostracised. There is no kind of democratic space or nuanced space where women can talk about these issues. This ideology is authoritarian and if you even question one part, you are instantly deemed transphobic.”




Meghan Markle Might Hypnotize Herself When She Gives Birth

18, March 2019

"HypnoBirthing is a childbirth education course that utilizes self-hypnosis, guided imagery techniques, affirmations and education for an easier, more comfortable childbirth,” says Isabella Malbin, a certified HypnoBirthing educator and a doula. The goal of the course, she says, is to reduce the fear and tension many women have around giving birth and reduce the pain and discomfort of labor.




Exposing Gender, Inc.

22, Feb 2022

"Through the magic of the YouTube algorithm, last night I came across feminist Isabella Malbin’s “Whose Body Is It?” channel. As I’ve been chronicling since 2014, radical feminists are waging war against what can fairly be described as the Transgender-Industrial Complex."



Live! Is challenging gender identity racist? Feat. Isabella Malbin and K. Yang


Yo Soy Pachamamista: